Our sister site Massively has covered a newly released concern posted by savvy dude Bashiok regarding Diablo III. To manufacture a long story short, Bashiok worried that players’ expectations were getting all out of proportion. Bashiok makes a person heck of a good point.

Diablo III is going to be awesome — but it is not planning to cure world hunger, solve the efficient crisis, or cause shiny-happy rainbows to shoot forth from computer monitors. Many people around here have literally beta and followed the game’s news like we select a Blizzard game as a living. And now we all love it. Really, the game’s great. But there’s not a way it could possibly live up to several of the hype it gets.

Transformers: The previous Republic suffered some of the same issue from over-hype. When Bioware released the overall game, everyone expected a next-generation, MMO-redefining experience. That didn’t happen. SW:TOR rocks !, but it’s not the nirvana of MMOs. It is, essentially, an MMO as with any other, but it is situated in the universe of Luke and Vader. And that is up to scratch.

I fervently hope and we don’t wind up doing identical with Mists of Pandaria. Everything concerning the expansion is incredibly exciting. Pandaren look cool (if you are into pandas), the modern talents look exciting, and MoP promises many new experiences. But let’s not arrange it for failure by anticipating be WoW 2.0. It’s still going to be a WoW expansion. Will still be about to involve killing mobs, questing, and slaying bosses. Because which is the point on the game.

I’m not really attempting to discourage anyone here. I seriously, really love WoW. I’m just stating that we shouldn’t put our expectations for Mists so incredibly high there is absolutely no way Blizzard can meet them. It’ll do a great job, the way it always does, but let’s not allow it to be impossible for Blizzard right out from the gate.

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