Who Were The very best Runescape Hackers

Ok to begin with the disclaimer! We suggests condone the things that hackers perform or want to do. But simultaneously we find it very interesting the way in which certain people are able to take advantage of the game and that is why we are taking a look at some of the best Runescape hackers. We have been in no way advising you to attempt the things they do, we simply thought it would be neat to consider a closer look at them.

This is a hacker who was a professional at password cracking, so great that it is estimated he damaged over 50 thousand trading accounts! He stole a ton of items that is estimated to be really worth well over 20 grand!

Xar aka CSI/Rex

Here we now have a guy who actually creates password crackers! He was pretty much known for database hacks and has actually leaked private information from people, hacked a lot of stuff and he actually had been arrested for cybercrimes!

Underhanded & Reverb

This was really a duo or a group if you prefer. They was able to hack into famous Runescape player/Youtuber Chessy018 and essentially cleared out her accounts. This was something that did not check out to well with other Runescape players.

Barrage Taxes

He is known for buying a prohibited Runescape classic accounts listing that he then used to access some accounts through “last chance appeal” where this individual un-banned the account after which just raided their banking institutions!


Ghost somehow was able to hack RSBot which you may already know was at one time one of the most well-known botting clients. Through this particular he managed to steal security passwords, bank information and other information as well. He managed to get entry to over 65 thousand trading accounts which apparently netted your pet over a million dollars associated with real money!

Again we suggests condone what these gamers have done, but it is pretty fascinating to see the levels that many people will go to in order to crack Runescape.

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