Want to Make Money Quickly in Runescape?

As for every runescape player, earning as much as they can is a endless process. And almost all players are dedicated to making more money. Many gamers are worrying about they will lack of runescape accounts when playing. This article introduces some methods that can help you earn a decent amount of money without skill requirements.

It is easy to carry out these steps and you can have a try when you have quite a lot. If your have 250k is good, and the more you have, the better to follow these steps. However, if you don’t have so much, 80K is also okay. If you want to earn more, you should invest more, so you can buy runescape accounts with more than 200 thousand Rs Gold points in order to gain more in the future, also you can just buy some money. And you need to purchase some feathers as investment to double your gold.

First, you should carry money and go to the chicken coops which are beside Limbridge castle. And if possible, take as much as you can, even if you have to buy some, as you can earn times as you own. When you reached the chicken coop. you need buy some feathers from killers. And I promise you can sell the chicken feathers that you have bought from other killer. It is also a good idea for newbie to level their combat in the chicken coop. if you see newbie, you can ask them to buy some feathers as they usually don’t know the chicken feathers is quite valuable and they will sell them at low price. Sometimes, you may think chicken feathers are futile and useless, however, as seasoned players or smart gamers, they know chicken feathers are useful for fletching and fishing. If you meet these newbie, you may just need to pay each feather for 2 gold. Keep in mind never give a price that is higher than 5gp. You can use all your money to buy chicken feathers, as you can use them in the next step.

The main task for this step is to sell all your feathers since you have bought a lot of feathers. You can find some crowded areas to sell them. And as we know, players usually tend to crowd in banks. You can sell them to members who have paid for runescape account as they need them for fletching, which is only available for members. They need these money and they are willing to 10gp for each feather. As I have told you before that you should not buy each feather more than 5gp 07 Rs Gold, so you can earn twice as you paid at least. The less you pay, the more you earn. This is a classic quote of businessman. So if you carry 200k, when you finish these tips

You have bought the feather for no more than 5 gold pieces, and you can calculate how many you can earn. If you have used 50K gold to buy feathers, you will get 100K after you sell all of them.

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