Things About We Are All Done On FIFA 14

As much as we hate it, we’ve all done it, I’ll set the scene: you’re 2-1 down, your mate wins a corner and shields the ball to waste time bearing in mind he’s been passing it around the defence for 10 minutes already.

Suddenly, you pinch the ball and counter attack, you’re clear through but he’s pulling your shirt until suddenly, Theo Walcott appears to your left you know what happens next.

Create Yourself

Creating yourself on FIFA is always a weird one, before you start it’s the last thing you want to do but as soon as you get going you’re there for hours perfecting the size of your eyebrows.

Once you’ve created yourself and made the stats to be the best player on the game put him in the club you support, invite your friend around for a Fifa 15 Coins For Sale game and don’t tell them.

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