There is a baby in Costa Rica team

Robben also stated that Costa Rica is stronger than expected and they proved it in the group stages. It would be a tough game for both side.

There is a baby in Costa Rica team. He is Joel Campbell, 22-year-old. “ He is still young but he’s no baby. Joel’s growing up quickly. He can hurt you one-on-one. He’s got pace and can score goals too.” said the Costa Rica’s oldest
Fifa 15 Coins player Christian Bolanos. He is one of those special players that can make a good team great. He scored against Uruguay, kept his cool to score in the shootout against Greece. And he went toe-to-toe with Italian centre-back Giorgio Chielini for 90 minutes.

Netherlands are suffered injuries, and Costa Rica are in their best now. Who will rush into the semi final? Couldn’t look forward more. Stay tuned.

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