The professional tips for u to train firemaking

RuneScape is an online interactive community set in the Middle Ages. Players can customize their characters, learn skills and take quests. All players start with a tutorial that teaches how do the basic skills you need at the beginning of the game. One of the skills you can learn to do is making fire.

1.Get the tinderbox. New users should create an cheap RS Gold account at RuneScape and complete the tutorial to get started. Talk to the Woodsman Tutor and he will give you a tinderbox. The tinderbox will be used to light logs for a cooking fire. If you lose the tinderbox, you can go back to the Woodsman Tutor to get another one. The tinderbox is also sold in General Stores all over RuneScape.

2.Learn the woodcutting skill. There are trees all over RuneScape and each one requires a different woodcutting 07 Runescape Gold skill level to chop it down. Axes are used to cut down trees to get logs for a fire. As you cut down trees, your skill level increases. Build a fire. Open the inventory list to choose the axe to cut down a tree. Next open the inventory list, click to use the logs, then click to use the tinderbox on the logs to start a fire.

3.Increase the cooking skill level. Use the fire to cook on, to increase your cooking skills. Food will restore your health and the more you use the fire to cook, the less food you will burn and the higher your cooking skill level will rise.

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