The initial month of RuneScape 3

It was a bit more than the usual month since RuneScape updated to rs 3 gold – an overhaul of the graphics and mechanics that still retains the core of the game. But exactly how well has it carried out that month? The c’s at Jagex has crunched some numbers plus they look pretty favorable. In the last thirty days, 100,000 players have reactivated old accounts, and 300,000 players have started fresh accounts to play the sport.

About 600,000 hours of play have been logged every day on innovative, existing, and reactivated accounts, and that is pretty staggering. Since the game’s launch event players have killed 60 million enemy soldiers and collected 1 billion Divine Tears (remnants of your now-dead god whose death kicked journey current state in the game). While a month is simply too early to call failure or success, it’s really a sign that even older games in the marketplace can certainly still have quite a lot of life included.

Jagex also posted a youtube video around the new Nightmare Zone, which is content now available for Old-School RuneScape but will not be coming to runescape 3 gold. We’ve embedded that behind the break.

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