The growing expansion of vocational skills

Skills expansion can be a problem. Blizzard doesn’t would like to cut into world of warcraft gold skills as they would like to give us the action of thin thin now . I afflict have just such a large role in many skills , which is the reason my personal interface because the head figure – restorer shaman .

All of us has a lot of buttons Pandaria changed since operating mechanism on the totem after spells besides conventional therapy , earnings of 22 skills I must look closely at their very own cooldown . This can be a bit excessive.Sixty that , in practice , you’ll not utilise all the skills inside normal state. Honestly, when doing tasks only have to use about a dozen skills in the future fewer full level .

For restorers shaman , more often than not does not have to utilise all your skills . So where may be the problem ? Should you not have these skills , they should cut nothing . Though the in order to it? May be active in the activities of 25 groups , do not require responsible interrupted , to ensure that , although these skills aren’t being utilized , does not always mean they’re not practical.

So my question is : After that we lose ? Article, I exploit a lot of degrees of the shaman , I am hoping these examples make other professional players also resonate . Although I don’t know much about each job, but I’m sure the situation of expansion with regards to skills , we still need many common points .

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