RuneScape do good deeds with virtual donation

Since yesterday, running the web based game 07 RS Gold, a one-month Charity, are converted in the virtual goods into real donations to aid the younger generation in need. Players can objects, or maybe RuneScape Gold Bond within the so-called “fountain of blessings” throw so now. This donation will probably be converted into virtual gold and summed. ten million per operator Jagex RuneScape Gold donates $ 1 on the part of the community in order to many charitable organizations including game Said, Willow, Special Effect, Action for the children as well as the Internet Watch Foundation.

“When Jagex it’s always been important to us to do something for charity,” said Riaan Hodgson, Chief Operations Officer at Jagex, the action. “Like a company we regularly collect donations and support charities each year with a lot of money, but we also wanted to find an innovative method to miteinzubinden our players. While using fountain of blessings’ we have came up with the perfect chance for our players to give to charity with in-game assets without straining their wallets. ”

Who wants to recieve an breakdown of the whole donations as well as the donors with all the highest amounts, This can be a growing plague inside the industry that lots of online services have trouible with, and RuneScape seems one of the greatest targets,’ says CEO Mark Gerhard

Jagex makes a multi-million pound investment to use flagship MMO RuneScape in an effort to halt DDoS attacks disrupting its servers.

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