Pro Evolution Soccer is definitely a topic of everyone’s attention

More post, more doors line unsolved, more refraction. Game’s visual variability has been greatly improved, many goals are uncontrollable factors depends upon the gamer.You sense the desire to pass more improvements. No pass “live” in a very clear and precise feel. Long pass should feel more beautiful, and pass final results ought to be faster. Passing isn’t always “Cheap FIFA 14 Coins” series, focus, this also year obviously small compared to additional areas of the overall game.

“FIFA 14″ is the best improved teammate AI. In the event the attack , I always employ a lot to choose from. Very clever players end up neutral, non-stop demands pass. I’ve always liked a cross through ball, but in “FIFA 14″ is just not obvious in even stubborn I have been using it. However, on this as with his teammates with this pass is definitely very smart moves, pass the ball to generate me happy satisfaction concentrating on the same goal.

Even though this optimized AI also fully reflected from the defense , but I am a greater role when attacking.Recently, “FIFA” series has been around encouraging smart positional attack , but for action to improve could well be more suitable to stimulate counterattack.

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