Pro Clubs Finally Detailed by EA

There’s been a heck of the long wait for gamers that were expecting news on the pro clubs feature and exactly what offers therein years installment. EA Sports have finally given out details via their Cheap Fifa Coins, and we’re here to find all the major talking points in what it really has to offer.

The alterations are due to a range of feedback from fans that EA got throughout this calender year, so in accordance with them and this the people planned to see implemented.

The menu layout that’s for navigation and real-time statistics has totally been revamped for FIFA 14 pro clubs this season. An exceptional club invite system has pretty much replaced the existing system with a transfer screen that was fully built in the mode. All the requests as a manager and player are also located into your new system besides.

The invites may also appear into your personal EA Sports Soccer team (EASFC) hub as alerts, whilst you can suggest your team on your friends list in case you are not the manager too.

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