Players joining a clan will no longer need to 07 Rs Gold


Players joining a clan will no longer need to  07 Rs Gold  wait to get into clan features.

On leaving a clan a person must watch for 7 days until joining a brand new clan.

To help smaller clans maintain upgraded citadels, upkeep costs of clan citadels are actually reduced. Upgrade costs have raised.

The following tweaks have been built to the Araxxor boss fight:

Players may no longer log off once Araxxor has spawned.

07 Rs Gold

07 Rs Gold

Araxxor’s enrage counter now raises  per kill instead of 15%, and caps at 300%.

Araxxor now drops a brand new item which often can reset the enrage counter. Getting the item from the inventory raises the probability of spawning the combat style weaker to the equipped style by 95%.

Araxxor’s sirenic scale drop may be increased to two pieces which has a chance of one third.

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