Permanent stop seal struck BOSS hunter account with bugs

About some malicious use of game mechanism struck a duplicate on the team leader’s processing, we have now recently found that some players with the hunter professional malicious by using safe wow gold mechanics struck a replica from the team leader and find the tools and achievement. Their behavior has serious injury to the target, harm the rights from the normal game players.

So, in line with our investigation and verification, we will be useful for these misconduct strike leader team and employ this sort of behavior to learn.

Permanent closure team malicious utilization of game mechanism inside the illegal strike leader’s hunter’s role in world of warcraft account. Team in all of the participation mechanism using illegal strike leader – the other members on the freeze 72 hours. Confiscated they from the week which has a copy from the schedule for all equipment and achievements. (whether rulers did not use improper way to kill).

Using game is up against the wow game hole the final user license agreement. We keep in mind is not going to tolerate any good thing about loopholes to profit game. If the verification will proceed the strict processing. We ask all wow cataclysm release players can join us game environment to help keep a superb health insurance and come together.

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