Old School RuneScape Goes Aged with Fossil Island

Jagex has appear a cast new breadth that’s been long-teased for Old School RuneScape for some time now. Players, acceptable to Deposit Island. Besides, Runescape mobile will come soon in a few time, buy cheap Old school runescape mobile gold please choose the reliable site runescapegoldfast.com.

Fossil Island

Fossil Island is a cast new aged island absolute to the apple of Old School RuneScape featuring adventures ill-fitted to players of all levels. On the island players will be able to ascertain the hidden age-old secrets from Old School’s past.

In adjustment to get to Deposit Island players will allegation to body a barge and commence on a cast new quest. Already completed players will appointment new ashen Wyverns, plan on new skills, and ascertain fossilised charcoal of Gielinor’s age-old history.

Fossil Island’s accession will aswell aggrandize the architecture in Varrock so players can affectation their unearthed fossilised charcoal from the assorted creatures begin a allotment of the island.

“Fossil Island has been something of a allegory in RuneScape and the association for a continued time,” said Mathew Kemp, chief artefact manager, Old School RuneScape. “The aboriginal architecture abstracts were drafted added than a decade ago, so we were absolutely admiring the Old School RuneScape association voted so overwhelmingly and backed its development and absolution into the game.”

Fossil Island

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