Sometimes he received a despondent “Ah yes, every time they look more like real life! ” Or ” As I see it like the other “, as feedback to my enthusiasm for NBA 2K or Medal of Honor. That was all.
The end is marketing muscle, but images like this favor an inclusive idea of order is mercadol?3gico videojuegoEl but images like this favor an inclusive idea of the game

As strange as it may seem, perhaps it was my grandmother who showed more enthusiasm to see the fifa coins game, because its old look, same as with astonishment beheld the black and white television at some point, genuinely was unable to distinguish between a virtual football player in World Cup 98 and one from real life. It was when he said that it was a game, we marveled at the scope of technology.

I am sure that, like me, there are many others of my generation or younger, who understand what I mean. Unlike other texts, in this case I do not intend to promote a specific action or cause any change, simply want to talk about how I lived the generation gap that separated many players from their families, particularly their parents. The reason for this was not evil or failure in any of the tasks of the latter, but the game ended up being something completely alien to them.

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