My first times getting mems in Runescape

Hey boys, I’ve been enjoying rs since 2006.

My acc name is the same as APPAdriean.

My statistics are cb lvl 48

27 attack
20 str
1 defence
1 range
7 prayer
45 magic
11 rune crafting
5 construction
13 dungeoneering
36 hp
4 mining RS Gold .
and 72 wcing

Everything else is 1 or around there, I like pking and interacting and wcing.So what should I do once I get mems and this is my new getting mems.

I would just do some missions. Plenty of missions provide you with plenty of encounter, so it will help you practice substantially. You might also want to examine out the new abilities.

Just discover and have fun. I’ve never really recognized individuals who invest their time getting their statistics up as easily as possible their first day. The experience is intended to be fun and you should have fun.

I keep in mind initially I got associates and it was awsome! As others have already said, do some missions or a lot (that’s up to you). Definitely discover the globe and get to know the map a bit better. Also do the missions that gives you xp and cheap RS Gold. Generally, missions are important!

I’d also suggest stabilizing every new expertise you have accessibility for a bit as this would be very fun. Appreciate your new experience!

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