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The way it looks like it’s evident, you just need to list your cards with a pre-defined duration, 1 hour, and re-list them if your auction expires. Even better, re-listing them when there is no bidder and switching immediately to a different soon after this has been sold, hopefully happened before the 60 minutes. This one’s apparently the optimal situation. When you can make it happen you’ll become rich in a minute.

Although, no-one has enough availability to renew the auctions every hour, during an entire day. This is just what should be done always it is possible. If it’s not possible, you must define the auction duration based on the time you’ll be away. By way of example, should you be bedtime, define the duration in order to Buy FIFA 14 Coins. Doing you will result in the cards stay intended for a more substantial timeframe available and you’ll be capable to renew them after you awake.

Basically fundamental essentials two golden rules regarding the auction duration definition: give the cards visibility by defining the auctions with sixty minutes durations try to keep selling. Although, you’ll find exceptions for these rules. Imagine, for example, you will be away for 6 hours. The traditional situation could be defining a 6 hours duration for ones auction. But if you notice which the last hour with the auction are going to be within a small traffic period, it may be better should you choose an one hour duration to obtain more visibility. Another example is the occurrence of programmed interruptions available access. If the cards are going to expire in the interruption period, you must affect the auction duration to ensure doesn’t happen.

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