Make Rs Gold with Stronghold of Security in rsgoldrich

There are too many different ways to make Runescape Gold, recently, we have got a new method to make gold faster. After players proceed through all four levels in the Stronghold of Security, they will be awarded 10,000 coins and either the Fancy boots or the Fighting boots. If this is done correctly, a level 4 skiller can get the reward without dying once. one better site is , It is one of the best site for this game!

There is a fair number of safe spots on all levels, where players can wait to recover their run energy and eat to restore their life points before they proceed further. and more time you into the game, more runescape gold and rs gold you will get, so you just come here for more cheap runescape 2007 gold or 07 Rs Gold.

Some lower levelled monsters that are good to train on in the Stronghold of Security include Zombies and Minotaurs. The zombies constantly drop steel arrows, body runes, and gems. The minotaurs drop iron arrows, noted rune essence or pure essence and level 1 treasure trails clue scrolls which can add up over time. so it is wonderful as it is, we will do our best to the game, and providing you with more cheap 07 runescape gold,rs gold online!

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