Lava strykewyrms now roam Cheap Rs Gold

Wyrm slaying can yield all-new weapon modifications, employed in the advance of level 85 weapons with unique mechanics and special attacks. You will discover high-level ashes and foods to be looted, too.

Stay with me to find out more.

Conquer a Wyrm

Lava strykewyrms now roam Cheap Rs Gold  the Wilderness, south from the Lava Maze.

These beasts are assigned as Slayer targets by Kuradal or Movran, but tend to be fought off-assignment too – just make sure you’ve the 94 Slayer needed to kill them!

They’re formidable foes, fighting with all three combat styles and deadly AoE attacks, so come packing the most effective gear you really can afford to risk.

Each time a lava strykewyrm dies, there is a small chance that the legendary Wildywyrm herself will emerge. Larger and much more deadly than her kin, you might need a team to take her down. Watch out for global announcements to discover if the Wildywyrm spawns, then go and help out.
Note that JMods have the ability to spawn the Wildywyrm, if he or she wish – look for her at JMod-led events!
Lava strykewyrms as well as 07 Rs Gold  the Wildywyrm can drop some highly lucrative loot.

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