Jagex And The War Against Botting


Ok so aboriginal thing, we’d like to say that we are not actuality to advance botting in runescape. While we action the best prices on Runescape Gold. We aswell adulation to allocution about the game. One of the funnest things actuality to altercate is Runescape bots. We are not suggesting that you go and use bots as may get you banned, but the accomplished affair abaft the way Jagex bans bots is absolute absorbing to us.

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It may assume like there is not any absolute “science” abaft the way that Jagex ban players. Some humans affirmation that they get abroad with botting admitting added players will get kicked out appealing abundant appropriate away. There are of advance abounding adult bots out there that are absolute harder for Jagex to accord with. In 2011 admitting there was bot Nuke Day breadth Jagex banned over 1 actor bots in a abbreviate aeon of time. Jagex accept assassin bot applicant operators in adjustment to action bots and acknowledgment to bot watch, Jagex does accept an high duke on bots, but there are still those humans who assume to get abroad with it and others who get in agitation for just dipping their toes in the apple of botting.

It is absolute absorbing to anticipate about and there accept absolutely been a few humans accept claimed they accept been banned by bot watch, even admitting they say they did not use one.

We would adulation to apperceive your thoughts on the way that Jagex deals with bots and if you acquisition it as absorbing as we do. Aswell be abiding to save yourself some money and altercation by blockage out our deals on RS3 Gold.

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