In Dungeon Overlord

In Dungeon Overlord, players design and build their own underground dungeons. Loyal goblin workers mine resources, transport goods between your dungeons and travel to the black market if you need to buy supplies. While the early tutorial gameplay made me initially dismiss the Wow Gold game as yet another Farmville clone, I soon found myself actually quite enjoying the game.

The traditional Facebook game incentive to log in for 30 minutes or so each day to tend to your game is still there, but it didnt feel like a big deal to leave the game untended for a while. Resources accumulate on the floor of the dungeon while the player is away from the game and can be picked up in a few seconds when you have time.

This time last year, I found myself blocking a new Facebook game app practically every day. Even the ones that didnt incessantly beg me to play, flood my feed with pointless achievements or charge people money to circumvent an artificial and exponentially-growing grind seemed to waste dozens of productive work hours per week and provide little competitive play with cheap Wow Gold.

As I found outwhen I test-drove Facebook-based sci-fi shooter Vorp! at the start of the month, however, not all Facebook games are like this. With my preconceptions challenged, I approached Night Owl Games new online game Dungeon Overlord with a cautious optimism and was pleasantly surprised.

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