Final Fantasy XIV players will receive 7 days free trial version playtime

Cheap FFXI Gil officially available for sale last week operations, however the whole process has encountered plenty of trouble, to ensure many players feel the game’s initial experience hasn’t been so smooth. So, Square Enix, Inc. today announced that this players can get extra week free trial offer of the game time.

Square Enix’s leader in a statement said: at 23:59 on September 9, ahead of the game officially registered players are certain to get extra week trial offer game time. Yearly time frame, i will continue to monitor the experience servers, to make sure the grade of the server’s operation, along with the ability to provide players using a very timely assistance.

Understanding, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn can be closed today, server maintenance about 10 hours, during this time period, the sport official will prove to add a different server to improve server accommodate the number of concurrent users.

A week ago in britain games sales ranking released yesterday, following a Zodiac Saints 4 and Splinter Cell: Blacklist later this week, only the list Square Enix’s MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn ranked third, PS3 version as well as the PC version with the sales are good, the media evaluation can also be very positive, mostly in already baked score 8/10 or higher, a change in the publication on the waves exactly in danger after bad reviews.

During server maintenance, you can not buy FFXIV Gil, FFXIV Gil Power leveling. Maintenance expires too, when there is Buy FFXIV Gil.

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