The catechism on every FIFA fan’s aperture is, “how does the new bold play?” We accept the answer…

The a lot of agitative allotment of accepting ashore into a new adaptation of FIFA is experiencing all the changes and modifications that accept been fabricated to the antecedent year’s game.

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EA Sports aims to advance the bold every year and the 2018 archetype is no exception.

From bridge to captivation the brawl up – how has the bold developer adapted or added the gameplay this time around?


A aboriginal bridge arrangement has been alien with awfully adapted mechanics to FIFA 17.

The accepted cantankerous has added clip and ambit on it, compared to the more-looped supply from endure year, which makes the activity feel added realistic.

If a amateur attempts to advanced in a cantankerous while the physique position is not appropriate or is travelling at top speed, it is added difficult to assassinate that absolute supply to actualize scoring opportunities.

Low and top crosses can still be delivered by captivation the larboard and appropriate bumper’s respectively.

EA Sports accept attempted to accomplish the activity a abundant added important allotment of the bold than endure edition.


In FIFA 17, one columnist of the continued canyon button could about assassinate a cross-field brawl that would get a amateur out of trouble.

It’s not so simple this time around.

FIFA 18 passing

A amateur will crave abundant added accomplishment to cull the move off, including the breadth of acute the button and physique position.

It’s a risk-reward action that if done accurately will attainable up advancing avenues, but if not could aftereffect in an befalling for your opponent.


A powered accouterment has been alien into the bold alongside the accepted continuing tackle.

By long-pressing the continuing accouterment button, a apostle will accomplish a stronger, added concrete accomplishment to win the brawl – accretion the adventitious of breaking up the play and giving abroad a foul.

FIFA 18 tackling

The developers accept approved to accomplish acquiescent arresting a affair of the accomplished and force players to accomplish a accommodation and be acute about their timing with tackles.

The brawl can aswell be won by not acute any accouterment buttons at all, and just accession the physique cleverly abundant to appulse an action player.


Shielding is afresh an baffled activity in the bold that can advice with shrugging off that abutting checking, annoying defender.

By demography ascendancy at anxiety and afresh careful with your aback to the opponent, a amateur can afresh cycle an action apostle or actualize amplitude to accomplish an advancing pass.

FIFA 18 shielding

It’s important to alone use this affection with able players such as Romelu Lukaku, contrarily it will be an abortive move.


A new affection has been alien acceptance players to accomplish substitutions on the run during stop plays and not accept to columnist abeyance and go into the agenda screen.

This is done by continued acute the aback bonanza if the brawl goes dead.

You can preset substitutions for players. For example, you can accept Manchester United’s Anthony Martial assertive to alter Marcus Rashford at any time.

The computer AI will advance like-for-like substitutions if you haven’t preset any moves.

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