FIFA 14 sales charts defending first in UK

The modern week ( 29 September 2013 5 September 2013 ) UK game sales list may be announced , “FIFA 14 Coins” to keep defending first . “Grand larceny Auto 5 ” within the sale in the second week was “FIFA 14″ counter-attack , still the next week ranked second. ” Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 ” ranking is constantly on the drop , almost fell out of the top.

Last month while using ” Grand Theft Auto 5 ” release , many records were broken one by one , so we firmly feel that ” Grand Theft Auto 5 ” will continue for some time dominated the highest-selling , however in the 2nd week when it absolutely was just Offering “FIFA 14″ successfully snatched the throne . Naturally , this all is inseparable from your FIFA number of tremendous visibility, as well as “FIFA 14″ second era of great attraction of sports games .

Relative “FIFA 14″ just been listed when made ??such accomplishment , has been used to contrast ratio in the ” Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 ” would seem somewhat inadequate, particularly sales of this take note of to tenth place , almost down from the top . This reflects the “FIFA 14″ to counter-attack “Grand Theft Auto 5 ” is not merely a mishap.

Furthermore, there are 2 new works in this list, were ranked third within the “FIFA 13 Coins” and ranked fourth inside ” Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD”. Both games from the series before also a good choice for great visibility , continues to be highly respected player , it has been achieved expected.

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