FIFA 14 iOS Version Was Included in Join The newest Gestures

FIFA 14 Coins” has landed App Store, the new work adds gestures, you’ll be able to control the player by tapping the screen or extraordinary defensive player with the control program screen shot. Used to virtual keys friends don’t worry, the Fifa 14 Coins key operation in FIFA 14 is still preserved.

FIFA14 obtains 33 leagues, over 600 licensed teams and most 16,000 players. Including English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga etcetera. Players can come up 34 real stadium for athletics. You can even create your own dream team from the players while using the technical and tactical settings from the game to earn gold to enhance the potency of they, course, you can aquire upgrading package to accomplish. Games are free to download, but from the shopping is unavoidable, on occasion yet landed in China shop.

The newest operating mode for the “FIFA14″ is promising to overpower players or flying above the court, or perhaps the a sense offensive and defensive positions are natural, “FIFA14″ will inherit “FIFA13″ the many elements, including rich league, team, Stadium and internet based Battle Mode, not only this, the overall game will also support multiple languages, including multi-lingual commentary events, it appears to be this EA is mobile version of an large amount of effort, it can be definitely worth the wait. Interested players hurry and download this Cheap FIFA 14 Coins game.

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