Fifa 14 Fighting live Doesn’t have Suspense

This still utilize old engine, someone will think with old engine will feel very outdated, small constitute think for just a sports game is mature and stable engine might be more important, “Cheap FIFA 14 Coins” while there is no “live football 2014″ a brand new engine of some special effects, including the characterization of sweat as well as the grass though the quantity of frames as well as the flow from the movement stability versus the one of the few more more important than to ascend.

Overall picture to say is same, in limited technical level again let football art. Class this tablet interface test under the UI design, allow football again while using combined fashion and art.

Practical said, this may not be from the picture outstanding outstanding environmental light cover while accounts for to the defects on effects, but deficit of anti-aliasing of backward technology and special effects, is able to see that production team and has no intention of the quest for higher quality. (nextgen version may very well be be compelled helpless and mist draw in)

Face various blowing the live football 2014 NB, this solid still retain the original style, refine the ball movement and also a natural physical collision system, of course, good enough for that purpose of this era, even if the picture still, rich game model and dynamic atmosphere is a feast with the FIFA 14 Coins.

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