EA Sport Soccer club in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

With EA Sport Soccer club, all FIFA 14 Coins fans can be attached to friends mutually. Understanding what is EAS FC and how it truely does work may help gamers dominate FUT successfully.

If Facebook is the significant and the best way communicating with friends or families in real life, then EAS FC would be the unique social media in FIFA. The same as so what can do with Facebook, gamers are able to contact their FIFA mates and share their victories and accomplishments 1 another by in-game News and Alerts feed. Additionally, gifts or messages to each other and visiting straight to various areas of the games from News and Alerts feed become truth. In addition, gamers are rewarded over the games for their players with Xp and Soccer club Credits, which permit gamers to redeem many In-game un-lockable what to enhance their FIFA experience.

Beyond the games, gamers also can start and end their connections with FIFA friends everywhere anytime on EAS FC Companion App and EAS FC website.

EAS FC Category is the store where gamers can trade the Soccer team Credits earned with items. With various in-game unlockables in from EAS FC Category, gamers can increase their FIFA experience. Their Level determines what they have to can redeem. By way of example, Level 20 gamers are only able to having access to items categorized from Level 1 to twenty. Greater games playing and higher Level, the harder chances to get items. In such case, gamers will be able to redeem items including goal celebrations, historic kits and Ultimate Team coins boost for usage with their Football team Credits.

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