During the third age of RuneScape

During the third age of RuneScape, before all of our players’ time, the Gods fought one final war over the possession of a sword. You have probably heard in your travels that the scar of the war and those before it is the Wilderness. However, in a dungeon recently uncovered the battle goes on – and you and friends can attempt to plunder the weapon and much more!

The God Wars Dungeon is just north of Trollheim and west to the wilderness. RuneScape 2007 Gold. The dungeon can either be reached by pushing a boulder out of the way with level 60 Strength when coming from Trollheim (teleport to Trollheim then run north), or squeezing through a crevice next to the boulder with level 60 Agility. Around the Dungeon entrance (Runescape 3 Gold) you will be feeling the full force of the mountains’ icy wind, which does 1 damage often and lowers all stats.

Be careful of the Ice Wolves (level-132 for more Cheap Rs 3 Gold) close to the entrance and on your first visit there, speak to the Dying Knight and tie a rope to the rocks near the hole. He will give you a letter, if you bring it to Sir Tiffy Cashien you will be able to attain sword shards from the boss-monsters. Once you climb down into the dungeon, your special attack energy and running energy will drain to zero.

Note: Inside the dungeon, the winds no longer reduce stats.

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