Do your math prior to undercut

Yes, I recognize that it’s annoying to drag over lumber and then sell on it in parcels of 10 as an alternative to one wide range of 99. Even so the simple truth is that most people aren’t grinding on more than one or two finished recipes at most of the, and when you probably demand a full stack of something, you are likely to look for an even more reliable source than someone trying to find Cheap FFXI Gil. Sell smaller stacks and you will watch them sell quicker, and in some cases in the event the market collapses, you’re more prone to have seen some sales beforehand.

Orlando number does are 10-20, with the record, apart from shards and crystals, but those are being used in greater quantities anyway. Here is a simple amount of math for you personally. Go check the market value for Walnut Lumber. Then check the price for three Walnut Logs and also Wind Shards. If someone bit of Lumber is worth under that combined total, you’re selling it for risky hands money.

Undercutting is usually a component of the way the market board system works. The minimum cost is listed first, so listing something more cheaply makes it easier to market that item even faster. Where it becomes problematic is the fact people will undercut however low the purchase price is, whether or not the price being undercut is literally in a 0% profit. Therefore you find people losing money on basic sales.

It does not help that quite a few people abandon the cost of shards inside their assumptions. Shards are reagents for pretty much everything; yes, there are lots of things requiring crystals or clusters, but shards are a lot more common and a great deal more easily acquired. You get a large chunk of shards on your craft associated with preference and it’s really simple to just file it away like gas for your car, something basic you need for synthesis. But shards are money, too, and you also could sell those three logs plus two shards for 200 gil while lumber’s only looking for 90 gil… because the logs are each worth 25 gil.

6-pack this matter in the long run? In case you undercut too aggressively, industry crashes with no one bothers gathering and selling those items anymore. This grows more plus much more problematic if consumers are wanting to level something down the line or producing a high-quality item for some individuals to sell (and you may get high-quality from no-quality quite easily). You just aren’t doing the long-term health with the markets — or your bankroll — any favors.

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