Defensive Strategy Guide Part III

Now we will bring you the last part of the defensive strategy guide for EA 2014 World Cup game. This time it’s all about general tips that we can think of. We only mention a few but there are actually more. Welcome you to share yours with us.

Tip one, learn tactical defensive play. Traditional way of defensing in FIFA game is very easy, which is sprinting to the player and holding A/X till you get the ball back. Everyone knows and everyone uses that. But to be a real good
Fifa 15 Coins For Sale player you need to learn about tactics in defense. It may seem struggling at the beginning when defense has more things to consider, but it will benefit you in a long term. We recommend you practice with high level or pro AI first.

Tip two, know your opponent and tendencies. We talked about this in attacking guide, however it is also important in defense. If you know your opponent, you can put your best efforts in counter acting your opponent’s best strength.

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