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This has been another busy week at RuneScape,Cheap Rs 3 Gold, thus here’s our once a week round-up:

a single) We’ve reworked your Barbarian Assault! Completely new modes, new images, and – most important – new prizes catch sight of when you venture into the mini-recreation.

2) The RuneScape Companion Iphone app is now available on Google Play and also the App Store! Get all the characteristics you know and also love, plus thrust notifications when you’ve got purchased something around the Grand Exchange .

three or more) You can grab a massive Experience boost when anyone complete our Expert of Trades promotion on Treasure Seeker!

4) In Set #3 of the Character Name Crystal clear-up, we’ve launched the letters One-M. If you are in need of a brand new RuneScape name, then check out the handy list along with change away!

five) Mod Ana taunted the image under, for an future Ninja Update. However what could it be?. Send us your notions below!

Have a great rest of your current weekend – and Well-chosen ‘Scaping!

Hey Jagex – are you able to please explain precisely why my companion iphone app constantly loads with my THL earphone (it is a good android)? I don’t think it’s optimised.–This app should develop all Android devices, but there a few which may be more ‘optimised’ than other folks. We’ll try to analyze – in the in the meantime, if you can ensure you’ve obtained the latest bring up to date of your computer, and try again, that’d be outstanding,said by jagex.

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