BUG Compensation Of Hellscream

5.4 at stake, 25 normal mode Garrosh Hellscream’s fall is placed to lower a package components, obviously, along with the other leaders of the groups differ. Therefore, we plan via a web patch fix this error. There was to get ready the weekly maintenance when mounting this patch, however, there has been an oversight because we, the web based server patch has been doing United states and Asia server real wow gold for sale. Just for this week, a short time after partial kill Garrosh Hellscream Guild produced some injustice and disadvantage.

Affect not only as soon as the correction kill Garrosh Hellscream United states and Asia Society, likewise have been killed Garrosh Hellscream Europe Guilds (European service not implemented yet installed the patch).Fortunately, affected merely a small part of guild, so you can correct our mistakes. Now we’ll contact all successful kill Garrosh Hellscream guild, guild randomly assigned to two package components, the president will use this element of kill members from the trade on the participants.This inconvenience to the players and distress, we express our most sincere apologies. I appreciate you for knowing about it and we imagine you luck in heroic mode. The other day, as Blizzard’s mistakes, the ultimate boss battle Auger – Garrosh Hellscream from the kill will drop a suit following your mark.

Originally Blizzard decided as of this week’s maintenance to repair the big mistake, the results result in another mistake corrected before this online service in the us and Asia, serving real equipment. So area of the guild gained a suit mark, and partly Association has won three packages mark, considering the fact that this week they kill Garrosh Hellscream’s Association will launch the earth first kill with the competition, which is more clearly appealing factor. Blizzard has with all this wow gold.

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