Another news update as well as a suggestion

Well, our friends over at Squenix are already rather busy these days, it will seem. They just announced what looks to become a really fun short time set of sidequests. The Trial with the Magians has begun, and it will bring a world of goodness on your weapons should you abide by Cheap FFXIV Gil.

Basically, a new Moogle has demonstrated up and he’ll imbue some awesome weapons with special powers if you complete his quests. It is just a fairly simplistic way of the theory, on the other hand FFXI is about tradition. The complete “mysterious wizard giving powerful gifts when you complete his quests” idea is just about the oldest tropes in gaming and fantasy history, so I certainly don’t mind them putting their spin on it. Not when it’ll net me some awesome new gear, anyway.

Now, effortlessly this continuing to fall, it is just a perfect time for it to buy ff14 gil. You’ll require the more money on hand in order to set up properly with the quests. These products promise being awesome.

Another thing I’d like to talk about can be a reminder of how dangerous these kinds of announcements are to folks like us. No, buying gil isn’t the worst crime on earth, but whenever could possibly major update of any type, the mods are don high tuned in to be sure that we’re not abusing the machine. And lets face it, buying gil does abuse it to some extent. Thankfully, it’s pretty low on their email list where such things go. Those they care about are power levelers, cheaters, hacks, that kind of thing. We might have the same stuff in-game by trading gear an whatnot, we simply not. Having said that, now could be an occasion to stick with the people you know so that you aren’t outed by an idiot of a deliverer, or scammed. I’m sticking to one of the best companies for the present time, a minimum of until things relax somewhat. That way I know they’ve got the security measures in position to counteract anything bad happening if you ask me or my character.

Also worth addressing is to keep extra quiet about your buys right this moment. They are going to be monitoring the feeds like FFXIV Gil, so extra vigilance is important.

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