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The Brooklyn Nets have fired Lionel Hollins as head coach, whereas Billy King has stepped down as common

“After cautious consideration, I’ve concluded that it’s time to get a fresh get started and also a new vision
for the path on the team,” stated Mikhail Prokhorov. “By generating this selection now, it enables our
organization to work with the rest with the season to diligently evaluate candidates with confirmed track records.
It is clear from our existing state of affairs that we desire new leadership. Together with the ideal basketball
management and coach in location, we are going to create a winning culture and identity and give Brooklyn a group
that it may be proud of and enjoy watching. We have discovered a great deal throughout the past six years and our
experiences will guide us for the future. Following the consolidation of team ownership last month, I can assure
you that I’m extra determined and committed than ever to construct a winner.”

“I would like to thank Billy for his hard perform inside the improvement in the Nets. At every single step from
the way, he has been aggressive in his quest to develop a winning group and has been a essential element toward the
Nets producing the playoffs for each with the final three seasons. Beyond this, he has been a tremendous buddy,
terrific colleague, and loyal partner and we want him success within the future. I also prefer to thank Lionel for
his efforts and dedication on behalf with the Nets franchise. To our fans, I thank you for the continued enthusiasm
and support and please understand that brighter days are ahead. I’m excited to start the procedure of picking the
perfect GM and head coach offered.”

King was named as the Nets’ GM on July 14, 2010, and was in his sixth season in that part.

In line with Adrian Wojnarowski, most members from the Nets’ front office located out concerning the firings by
means of the press release. King informed Hollins that they have been both getting let go by the franchise.
The New York Knicks are scouting Toure’ Murry in the D-League Showcase.

Murry played 51 games using the Knicks in the course of the 13-14 season as well as the team has an open roster

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